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Anyone who's stayed in Malaysia for any length of time will know what it means when you're invited over for makan. Breakfast, lunch and dinner play a major role in the lives of the people in Malaysia. As a matter of fact, you'd be hard-pressed to find a cuisine as varied and as tasty as the countless Malay and Peranakan recipes.

Then of course there is the unique experience of the warm-hearted Malay culture. The tolerant, kind and gracious nature of the local people has to be experienced to be belived.

Tanjung Resang and its surrounding kampongs are dotted with a sizeable number of restaurants. And although most of these are casual open-air affairs, you'll find that the food being served is absolutely delectable.

Try the original nasi lemak, served in pandang leaves. It will without doubt leave you asking for seconds. The nasi goreng pattaya, too, is so good, you'll have a craving for another plate mere days after you've returned back home.

Being a seaside area, fresh seasfood features prominently in the dishes in Tanjung Resang. In fact, sampling the ikan bakar (BBQ fish) is an absolute must. It's sheer heavenly.

While on the subject of food, don't forget to stock up on some of the freshly made kerupuk lekor. This soft and chewy type of kerupuk is an absolute treat for your tastebuds. Tip: take a few packets back home with you, your friends will be eternally grateful.

Another delicacy found only in Malaysia is Beyh Royale, a time-honoured non-alcoholic beverage that is patiently brewed according to a traditional recipe comprising various richly aromatic spices.

Beyh Royale was served as a welcome-drink to guests at the court of Johore Royalty during the 19th century.

Made with sweet scented cinnamon, cardamon, spicy cloves and star anise, citrusy kaffir lime and tropical pandan leaves, this once-lost treasure has recently been rediscovered and is now made available for your drinking pleasure.

Not only is Beyh Royale a uniquely-flavored beverage that you'll drink with relish, but its eminence and exclusive packaging also makes Beyh Royale an ideal gift for family and friends.

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Private dinner, a night to remember
Private dinner, a night to remember

Traditional local makan made fresh for you
Traditional local makan made fresh for you

Sharing a perfect Tanjung Resang moment
Sharing a perfect Tanjung Resang moment

Fact-file: The waters around Tanjung Resang are peppered with breathtaking scuba-dive sites, including a WWII shipwreck at Pulau Aceh.   Next fact  »  
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