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Dozing off with your loved one in a  hammock after a fun-filled dayMalaysia's climate is ideal for year-round seasports and outdoor actvitiesCome trekking with us in some of the most pristine wilderness in MalaysiaOff-roading in Tanjung Resang, the most fun you'll have in a 4x4
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If you're in for a weekend full of fun and excitement, have a look at Tanjung Resang's various thrill-seeker packages. From trekking and SUP-ing to kite-surfing and off-road cycling. If easy R&R is more your thing, then why not combine a relaxing kayaking trip to the islands with some angling for dinner when you get there. You can pick and match just about any of the activities you see above. Anything goes at Tanjung Resang!

Package 1 - Trekking/Stand up Paddling
Package 2 - Snorkeling at Tioman/Pulau Seri Buat
Package 3 - Scuba Diving - Leisure dives
Package 4 - Scuba Diving - PADI Open Water Course
Package 5 - Learn Kitesurfing in one weekend
Package 6 - Whale shark watching off Tioman Island

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2018/2019 Mersing/Tioman ferry timetable

Traffic jams? What traffic jams?
Traffic jams? What traffic jams?

Climbing ROCKS
Climbing ROCKS

Life's good in Tanjung Resang...
Life's good in Tanjung Resang...

Fact-file: Malaysian is a signatory to the 1992 Rio Summit, i.e the government realises the need for sustainable tourism and for balancing conservation and development.   Next fact  »  
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