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Package 1 - Trekking/Stand up Paddling
Package 2 - Snorkeling at Tioman/Pulau Seri Buat
Package 3 - Leisure Dives at Pulau Tioman
Package 4 - PADI Open Water Diving course
Package 5 - Learn Kitesurfing in one weekend
Package 6 - Whale shark watching off Tioman Island

Tanjung ResangTanjung Resang

Learn Kite-surfing in one weekend

Wanna learn how to kite-surf? Whether you're 16 or 66, simply grab your kite of choice and pump-pump-pump it up. Kite-surfing is one of the fastest growing sports world-wide. And that's no wonder, given the relatively easy learning-curve, the blood-curdling high jumps, the immense air-time and the record-breaking speeds that kiters almost routinely attain.

Our instructors at Tanjung Resang are not only pros at passing on their skills, but they never lose track of their number one priority: your safety. So go on, suit up and get some air!

Our courses are broken down into individual modules so you can follow and complete each one separately and sequentially. This way, you can always come back and pick up where you left off, in case weather conditions changed or you prefer to come back at a later date for other reasons.

Call +65 90079345 if you'd like to check kite-surf course availability.

Book now! While slots last!

N.B. Completion of lessons is subject to weather conditions.
Course fee to be paid in advance.

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2018/2019 Mersing/Tioman ferry timetable

Life's a beach
Life's a beach

Strong wind and surf make for an explosive combination
Strong wind and surf make for
an explosive combination

We have lift-off!
We have lift-off!

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