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Traveling to Tioman is much easier these days when compared to the early days. Gone are the old rickety buses without aircon that take forever to get to Mersing, because of the many many stops along the way. And gone are the days of taking a bum-boat from Mersing to Tioman, another 5 hours of put-putting before finally setting foot on paradise.

And thanks to the wonderful world of the internet, you no longer need to queue at a sweaty bus station or a crowded Mersing Harbour Centre to book your tickets.

You can book your bus tickets online and your ferry tickets too. And whilst you're at it, you may as well book your Tioman hotel online too. That way, you're sure to have an uninterrupted holiday without getting bumped due to things being fully booked.

Booking your bus can be done using below booking module. Just select your departure town and pick Mersing as your destination, followed by your travel dates and the number of bus ticket required and then submit the details. You'll then be presented with the buss companies and their various details. Easy.
Enjoy up to 20% discount when you book online
Tioman Ferry

However, before you go ahead and book your bus times, make sure you book your Mersing ferry to Tioman first. The reason you need to do it this way around is that the Mersing ferry departure times are dynamic, due to the low water levels in the Mersing river mouth.

This means that the time slots selected by the ferry company to depart Mersing, as well as the departures from Tioman to Mersing, are subject to the high tide. In other words, no two days have the same departure times. And the number of crossings varies too, depending on how long the high water mark remains before it recedes to levels too low for the vessel to pass.

So once you have picked your ferry times, you can proceed with your bus booking. Just make sure you match the two, so that you don't need to wait too long, or, worse, miss your connection.

To book your ferry ticket, you can click here. Once you've made your ferry booking, you'll be sent two confirmation email. One of these is sent by PayPal (or your credit card company) and has all the transaction details. The other email is from the online ferry ticket company, Tioman Ferry.

This email will have all the ferry trip instructions, information and nifty details you require for your trip, including the ferry schedule.

All that remains now is to book your hotel.

Happy holiday!!

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2023 Mersing/Tioman ferry timetable

Tioman Island fun in the sun

Tioman Island fun in the sun

Tioman's waterfalls are a sight to behold

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Breathtaking multi-hued sceneries are abosolutely guaranteed

Book your bus tickets hereBook your hotel or resort room online now
Tanjung Resang is Official Partner of Agoda and Booking.com
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